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Sorry, but Map to Mordor T-shirts are currently unavailable.

Standard Deviant

Standard Deviant sigma and equations

You may not understand statistics, but you can carry around a coffee mug or wear a cap that makes it look as though you do. And that's what matters, isn't it?

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colon, dash, close paren open paren, dash, colon semicolon, dash, close paren

Does your inner stickler rebel against netspeak, 1337speak, and smileys? Do you remember your High School English teacher telling you to write out numbers in essays? If so, you can proudly wear these somewhat more grammatical emoticons.

Available in regular, left-handed, and winking.

F--- the Turtle

F___ the Turtle bumper sticker

Whether you hate Maryland or are just annoyed at the way that academic endeavors take a back seat to sports, you can now tell the world what you think of that damned chelonian with this bumper sticker.

Sorry, no discounts for UM alumni. No discounts for Duke fans, either. And we will not be held responsible if someone breaks your windshield, for that matter.

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