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What is neohunt?

	Neohunt is a multiplayer shoot-em-up game. The object is to
   run around a maze and kill your opponents with a variety of
   weapons, such as guns, grenades, bombs, big bombs, even bigger
   bombs, even more big bombs, even more bigger bombs, very big bombs,
   very very big bombs, and slime.

Yeah, but what else is it?

	Neohunt is also an artifact of the days of yore, when all the
   world was a VAX, AT&T hadn't yet realized that you could make
   money off of Unix, and K&R C was the Language of Choice.
	Neohunt is an extended version of 'hunt', one of the
   user-contributed games in the 4BSD distribution. Chris Welsh, then
   at the University of Maryland Computer Vision Laboratory hacked on
   it in the late 1980s, and neohunt was born.
	Finally, neohunt is a bit of nostalgia. In November 2001,
   Andrew Arensburger found it on a CD of old stuff, and convinced it
   to compile and run by means of violent pummeling and massive

What platforms does neohunt work on?

	This latest incarnation was tested under FreeBSD 4.2. If you
   have anything else, you're on your own. At one time or another,
   hunt/neohunt has run under 4.3BSD on a VAX 11/750, SunOS 3.x,
   Ultrix, Convex, HP/UX, and Irix. This version might not, though.

What are the system requirements?

	You'll need a computer running one of the supported OSes
   (FreeBSD), or one that you're willing to port neohunt to, and one
   terminal per player.

	You'll need to have the ncurses library installed. Your OS
   will also need to support Berkeley-style networking. In particular,
   make sure that you can send out broadcast IP(v4) packets.

Is neohunt compatible with my graphics accelerator?


How do I unpack it?

	Neohunt is distributed as a compressed shell archive
   (sharchive). To unpack it, uncompress it with
		% uncompress hunt.shar.Z
   then run
		% sh hunt.shar
   to create the source files.

How do I build it?

	Once you have unpacked the distribution, edit the Makefile and
   pathname.c to fit your system and tastes, and run
		% make
   to build it. The Makefile contains comments to help you pick the
   right configuration.

Where's the configure script?

	There isn't one.

Will you write one?



	Because, as indicated above, neohunt is an artifact of the
   1980s, when you were expected to know your machine well enough to
   make the appropriate choices in the Makefile.

Who is the current maintainer?

	I (Andrew Arensburger) consed this port up over a weekend, to
   take a break from hacking ColdSync. However, I don't plan to
   maintain it. If you want to, be my guest.

Can I play over the net?

	Yes. However, neohunt uses IP broadcasts, so all of the
   machines need to be on the same subnet.

I've found a bug! When will it be fixed?

	As soon as you send me a patch for it, give or take a few
   months. Or not.

Is it possible to cheat?

	Neohunt accepts commands in the order in which they are
   received. This means that a player on a 9600 baud local terminal
   will have an advantage over someone dialed in at 1200 baud.

Are there any easter eggs?


Wasn't hunt/neohunt on one of the Fish disks?

	Not that I know of. It may have been, though.