Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 13:19:58 -0800
From: David McDougall
Subject: Darwin Fish


I ordered one of those "Darwin Fish."  I can't wait to display it on my
car.... UPSIDE DOWN!  You see, I have a problem with accepting information
that has no evidence to back it up.  From a purely scientific approach, it
seems that Darwin himself set the criteria for falsifying his theory.

Essentially, he stated that if the micro changes don't eventually result in
a change from one TYPE (emph only... not shouting) to another TYPE, then his
theory is dead.  Every time a new generation of fruit fly larvae is born in
a biology classroom, another opportunity to witness the death of evolution
is presented.  Do you have any idea how many generations of drusophela (sp?)
have been reproduced in the lab?  These things regenerate at a rate 50 times
that of humans.  Something like 50 million observable generations of these
larvae have been reproduced since the oldest DNA sample has been found and
established and other than small environmental adaptations, (the kinds that
Darwin said proves nothing by themselves), have produced exactly zero
changes in kind;  they're still fruit flies.  Micro-evolution does not add
up over time to changes from one kind to another, so according to your
friend Darwin, the evolution theory is dead.... and really has been for
quite some time.

If you're going to offer an explanation that is to be accepted by an honest,
rational, thinking human being, then you'll have to find another theory.
Life comes from life (Pasteur) and the laws of entropy, (2nd law of
thermodynamics - all systems break down), prove that time is the enemy of
random selection.  What good science proves is that there is no
scientifically plausible way we could exist and yet here we are.  How in the
world does a blob of nothing equate to life without a pre-existing
intelligent designer to put it all together?  How do things evolve over time
when science proves that things fall apart over time rather than form into
single living cells?

Did you know that the simplest cell contains many complex systems to sustain
it?  Did you know that each separate system within the cell must exist in
the presence of the other systems or the cell would die?  Did you know that
just one DNA cell contains enough information to fill all the libraries of
all the world?  Coexistant and codependant systems within the simplest cell
in a world of entropy and you believe in evolution?  My friend, there is a
better way.

Your comrads are fond of saying things like "support science."  Well, I do.
It proves there is a God and that He is the God of the Christian Bible.  No
other information source has the proven integrity, accuracy and
unfalsifiability of the Word of God and science proves it.  Take an honest
look with me if you really want to consider it.  I think you'll find that
God is true, or at the very least, that evolution is undeniably false....
and we'll use the observations of evolution scientists to prove it!  Are you
up to the challenge?

Cordially.... David
David McDougall

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