Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:13:17 -0800
To: Andrew Arensburger <>
From: David McDougall
Subject: Re: Darwin fishes etc. 


        The key word in my comment is "needed."  Perhaps I should qualify my
statement by adding that the scriptures contain "...all things needed for
life and godliness," (2Pet 1:3).  In other words, all things needed to
discuss the topic we were on.  I ~assumed~ that you would have understood that.

        My basic premise is that where we came from has everything to do
with where we're going.  I don't see any difference in the efforts of the
evolutionist to squash the "less desirable" of the breed including all those
who disagree with them "spiritually."  You know, natural selection, survival
of the fittest, etc. etc.

        Andrew, there is a valid reason for you to consider the improper
acts of some who publicly and politically associate themselves with the name
of Christ and to recoginze, as I do, that many of the same charges can be
levied against them.  I will even go so far as to say ~most~ of them, as I
understand this to be what Jesus Himself prophesied in Matt 7:21.  There is,
however, a ligitimate Christianity; the one He established.  It is man's
choice to obey or reject.

        My hope is that we can both honestly seek what is true and drop the
personal agendas.  The Christian agenda, (apparently unknown to the
so-called political "Christian right"), belongs to Christ.  We can only
believe or disbelieve it.  The evidence upon which to make such a decision
lies in the objective observation of science, history and the inevidible
fact that life here is temporary.  Understanding these things, (esp. the
latter), is of vital importance.

        You and I agree on this, I feel certain.  If I'm right, you know
that this life ends and that "you only go around once."  The difference is
in what we believe happens next.  If you're right, then nothing I believe
will change it.  We'll be worm dirt, out of our misery, etc, etc.  If I'm
right, each of us will have an eternal abode, but there are two
destinations;  one for those who believe and obey in faith and one for those
who do not.  As sobering and/or "bigotted" as this may seem to you, it is
what Jesus taught and validated.  Seeing the evidence as I do, I can not
help but accept that.  Caring for the souls of men as He did, I can not help
but encourage others to consider the precious gift of life, the precarious
position we are in and the great cost that was paid for our redemption.
Remember, the Bible not only explains our origin, but why it is we die.
This is a spiritual truth as well and I urge you to consider it.

respectfully.... Dave
David McDougall

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