Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 12:17:28 -0500
To: David McDougall
From: Andrew Arensburger <>
Subject: Re: Darwin fishes etc. 

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 11:13:17 PST, David McDougall wrote:
>         The key word in my comment is "needed."  Perhaps I should qualify my
> statement by adding that the scriptures contain "...all things needed for
> life and godliness," (2Pet 1:3).

	This is a far cry from your original statement:

: Everything needed to discuss any topic
: known to man is found in the Bible and truly objective observation only
: helps to strengthen it.

> In other words, all things needed to
> discuss the topic we were on.  I ~assumed~ that you would have understood tha
>> t.

	I thought the topic was creation, and the objective evidence
for it.

>         You and I agree on this, I feel certain.  If I'm right, you know
> that this life ends and that "you only go around once."  The difference is
> in what we believe happens next.  If you're right, then nothing I believe
> will change it.  We'll be worm dirt, out of our misery, etc, etc.  If I'm
> right, each of us will have an eternal abode, but there are two
> destinations;  one for those who believe and obey in faith and one for those
> who do not.

	Ah. Pascal's wager. You forgot a third possibility: we could
both be wrong (and, as an aside, what makes you think that I don't
believe in an afterlife?).
	Wouldn't it be a pisser if we got reincarnated as rocks or
something, for not having lived a good life, as described by the holy

	Anyway, if you're trying to convert me, please stop.
Preaching, in my experience, usually has an effect opposite to that
intended. How would you like it if Buddhists or Scientologists came to
your door, trying to join them?

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