Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 13:08:21 -0800
To: Andrew Arensburger <>
From: David McDougall
Subject: Re: Darwin fishes etc. 

>	Anyway, if you're trying to convert me, please stop.
>Preaching, in my experience, usually has an effect opposite to that
>intended. How would you like it if Buddhists or Scientologists came to
>your door, trying to join them?

You're right, it ~usually~ does... as long as you're preaching the truth.
Experience and the Bible tells us so.  I guess I was overly optomistic where
you were concerned.(?)  When others come to my door, I do the same with them
as I have done with you;  I make an attempt to engage in objective study of
the issues, usually by establishing that which they have assumed as the
authority for their faith and then examining that source against the facts.
Of course, like anyone else, I have convictions, but they were not obtained
carelessly.  If we did not hope to influence each other, then what would be
the purpose of human interaction?

In closing, it is only my obligation to present to you an opportunity to
look at the facts.  It is your obligation to accept or reject them and deal
with the consequences.  You have chosen the latter by working only to find
flaws in the wording of my posts, completely ignoring the ligitimate and
inarguable falsification of the doctrine you help to spread and by admitting
that you never had any intention of being swayed, (that is the opposite of

I leave you for more hopeful pursuits, to your future as a rock....
David McDougall

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