Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 18:19:55 -0800
To: Andrew Arensburger <>
From: David McDougall
Subject: Re: Mitochonrdrial Eve is Younger Than First Thought 

At 04:45 PM 2/9/98 -0500, Andrew Arensburger wrote:
>	Could you please take a look at

Well, I see what is typical;  an evolutionist making statements like, "I
wonder what his point is," and then leaving out the point.  I also see
Dawkins admitting that the accepted view which he has rejected without any
scientific reason, is that divine creation is the ONLY other explanation for
life as we know it.  He and others are quite clear about their disdain for
the view and about the fact that such will not even be considered, (no
future for federal grants in researching what has already been proven).  As
you can see, he rejected the only other possible model before he
investigated it.

He also admits that all of the massive research and hypothesis has only
proven what the special creation view has attested from the beginning; all
life came about suddenly and in its completeness.  Interesting that the
person whose ambition it is to detract from the obvious problems with the
theory of evolution in light of this statement missed the tremendous
significance of it, (which, by the way, was the point that Dr. Patton went
on to make).

As to the views on punctuated equalibrium presented by Dr. Patton, (and the
point he makes rather well on his video), the most significant ones are
missing from the page.  He claims that every time a scientist like Gould
comes to a dead end and is forced to admit it, he comes up with another,
even less testable theory in which we do not even expect to find evidence in
the fossils.  Why?  Because punctuated equalibrium only happened in local
and rapid events... so fast and so local that we do not expect to find
fossil evidence of it.  Hey, perfect.  A theory in which we just believe
what is shoved down our throats whereby the mere suggestion of the need for
evidence is scoffed at!  The kicker and the seriously damaging conclusion
that Dr. Patton makes in his video is that when we ask for an explanation of
the lack of evidence in the living world with regard to transitional forms,
evolution theory says it happens "too slow."  When we ask Gould to explain
why the fossil evidence shows no transitional forms, we are told it happens,
"too fast."

What I see is the scientific process abandoned in favor of the research
dollars collected to continue looking for what has already been found.
Perhaps this is why there is such a push to keep the mystery "alive," as it
were and justify the ability of a man to believe whatever he wants as long
as it serves his personal desires, (and in spite of the facts). 

I had you pegged as a smarter person than that.

The invitation to meet, stands...
David McDougall

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