Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 20:33:02 -0800
To: Andrew Arensburger <>
From: David McDougall
Subject: Re: Mitochonrdrial Eve is Younger Than First Thought 

On Mon, 09 Feb 1998 18:19:55 PST, David McDougall wrote:
> At 04:45 PM 2/9/98 -0500, Andrew Arensburger wrote:
> >	Could you please take a look at
> >
> Well, I see what is typical;  an evolutionist making statements like, "I
> wonder what his point is," and then leaving out the point.

	You seem to have missed my intent: take a look at the
quotations from Henry McHenry and Dean Falk. In the first case, Patton
omits a crucial bit of context: McHenry is only talking about a single
bone, but Patton makes it sound as if he is talking about the entire
	This means Patton is dishonest.

	In the second case, Patton adds to the text: Falk's article
says that it is not clear whether the specimen in question is of the
genus _Homo_ or the genus _Australopithecus_. Patton *inserts* the
words "Homo habilis," which makes it sound as if there was no doubt.
	This means Patton is a liar.

	On top of this, in the section on Noah's Ark, Patton
demonstrates his inability to use a simple mathematical formula
correctly, not to mention the fact that he didn't bother checking his
assumptions against published data.

	Given all of the above, is there any reason why I should trust
anything he says?

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