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Configurability Goes a Long Way

[Warning: profanity lies ahead.]

[INT: a cheap cybercafe. VINCENT and JULES are sitting in a booth. They have both logged in to their respective machines at marsellus-wallace.com. JULES is using vi to edit /etc/sendmail.cf.]

VINCE: You're not gonna use Sendmail Pro?

JULES: No, man, I don't use GUIs.

VINCE: You're blind?

JULES: No, I'm not blind, I just don't dig bogus UIs, is all.

VINCE: Yeah, but Windows is pretty. tkflexfax is pretty.

JULES: Hey, OS/2 might look like fuckin' Leonardo da Vinci, but I'd never know 'cos I'd never use the stupid motherfucker. GUIs are designed for people who can't figure out that the options go after the command. To me, that's insulting. I don't use no software that don't think I've got sense enough to hit return at the end of the line.

VINCE: What about exmh? exmh is graphical.

JULES: I don't use exmh either.

VINCE: Yeah, but do you consider exmh to be an insulting piece of software?

JULES: I wouldn't go so far as to call it insulting, but it's definitely limited. But exmh is configurable. Configurability goes a long way.

VINCE: Ah, so by that rationale, if Regedit were configurable, it'd cease to be an insulting piece of software. Is that true?

JULES: Well, we gotta be talkin' about one flexible motherfuckin' piece of code. I mean, it'd have to be ten times more versatile than that R2 in "Star Wars," you know what I'm sayin'?