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To: Steve Rudd
Subject: Re: Patton Quotes 
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 03:14:11 -0500
From: Andrew Arensburger

On Mon, 07 Feb 2000 21:13:44 EST, I wrote:
> > [Omitted at author's request]
> 	Big chance at what? I'm fairly sure you're not going to
> correct even the most egregious errors.

	Speaking of egregious errors: there's a doozy in the first
quotation in the ``Descriptions of Young Earth'' section: Patton is
off by six orders of magnitude, as anyone can plainly see:

: "It has been estimated that seventy volcanoes the size of Mexico's
: Paricutin producing 0.001 cubic mile of water per year for 4.5
: billion years of earth's history could account for the 315 cubic
: miles of water in the oceans today. There are now approximately 600
: active volcanoes and about 10,000 dormant ones. Six hundred
: volcanoes comparable to Paricutin could account for the present
: oceans in approximately 0.5 billion years."

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