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To: Steve Rudd
Subject: Re: Andrew 
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 13:20:49 -0500
From: Andrew Arensburger

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 11:01:05 EST, Steve Rudd wrote:
> >         Secondly, I'd like to put your response (the message I'm
> >responding to), in its entirety, on my web page.
> [Omitted at author's request]

	One: No need to shout. I understood you the first time.

	Two: I don't know about Canadian or international law, but the
"Fair Use" portion of U.S. copyright law does allow me to quote
excerpts from your messages. I haven't done so because it would be
impolite do to so when you've told me not to.

	Three: Unless you're Don Patton's alter ego, I wasn't talking
to you. My message was addressed to him, and Cc-ed to you as a
courtesy, since you might be interested.

> [Omitted at author's request]

	Ah, so you speak for him, now?

> [Omitted at author's request]

	I didn't call him on the phone as you suggested because he
wasn't the one to make the invitation. I don't know about you, but I'd
be upset if a friend of mine told some random person to call me, even
with good intentions.

> [Omitted at author's request]

	Okay, so we disagree. <shrug> I never expected to convince you
of anything.

> [Omitted at author's request]
>  >>Furthermore, until recently, that page did not include
> any indication that the words "Homo habilis" were your addition, and
> not Falk's words.
> [Omitted at author's request]

	I beg to differ: I've been looking at that passage on a fairly
regular basis for the past few weeks, and the brackets and color are a
recent addition.'s cached version of the page (see
), dated Nov. 11 1999, also lacks brackets.

	I even specifically pointed out the lack of brackets in my
messages of Feb. 7 and 18, 2000:
Message-ID: <>
Message-ID: <>
Message-ID: <>
May I ask why, if I was wrong then, you didn't correct me?

	Also, I've found several web pages that appear to be copies of
yours, right down to the typos. They also lack brackets.

	It's good that you're updating and fixing your web page. But
please don't claim that recent changes aren't.

Andrew Arensburger, Systems guy		Center for Automation Research			University of Maryland
		 To err is human, but I forgive you.
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