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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 15:49:53 -0500
From: Andrew Arensburger
To: Steve Rudd
Subject: Re: Andrew 

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000 11:21:18 EST, Steve Rudd wrote:
> [Omitted at author's request]

	That may very well be. I can't see into your office, only what
happens on your web page.

> [Omitted at author's request]

	Actually, that _is_ the issue. The lack of brackets was
something on top of that.

> [Omitted at author's request]

	Here's the relevant part of his reply (you should have a copy
of the full message, should you care to refer to it):

Message-Id: <>
: Actually, the fact that Falk says 1805 (which is typically designated Homo
: habilis) is different from 1470 only emphases my point. Unlike other apes,

	It may very well be that Falk is in disagreement with the rest
of the scientific community as to the classification of KNM-ER 1805.
It may be that he changed his mind since he wrote that article. It may
be that too many fossils are dumped into "Homo habilis", rendering the
classification nearly useless. All of this is possible.
	However, what Falk did *not* do is say that KNM-ER 1805 is a
Homo habilis. Patton's insertion says that he did, and that is what I
have a problem with.

> >         Are you going to add a similar disclaimer to each of the
> >subpages? If so, you may want to consider its effect on readers. I
> >mean, would you buy from a bakery that had a sign saying, "We have
> >never been convicted of putting arsenic in our bread"?
> [Omitted at author's request]

	Correction: people are shocked at what Patton _says_ they say.

> [Omitted at author's request]

	For completeness. I originally made a fuss over the brackets,
and wanted to 
[Sic. I guess I never finished that sentence. --AA, May 24, 2000]

> [Omitted at author's request]

	Sure thing, as soon as you show me the passage in ``Cerebral
Cortices of East African Early Hominids,'' Science, Vol. 221, 1983,
where Falk says that KNM-ER 1805 is a Homo habilis.

	Any word on whether Patton is going to fix the other

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