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You Paid How Much For That Congressman?

Think Progress has a succinct summary of the unraveling Abramoff scandal.

What struck me is not the extent of the corruption, but how low some of the bribes were: $1,000 each for Conrad Burns and John Doolittle to write a letter to the Secretary of the Interior to try to sway her. $5,000 for Burns, again, to change his mind and vote in favor of sweatshops and sex trade. $1,000 to John Cornyn to shut down a casino that Abramoff wanted closed. And so on.

What surprised me is not that they’re whores, but that they’re cheap whores. Then again, influence-peddling is a buyer’s market. It’s also a good investment, since the dot-com and housing bubbles broke.

I should write these people letters:

Dear Senator/Representative Trollop:

I didn’t realize your rates were so low. Please send me a catalog of your services.

Sincerely, etc.

PS: Do you accept your competitors’ coupons?