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  • Ken Ham Mad at Miley Cyrus for Not Being As Stuck Up as He Is

    Ken Ham, best known these days for losing a debate to Bill Nye the Science Guy, has always held some… colorful opinions. The best that I can say for him, really, is that at least his organization distanced itself from Kent Hovind (see Arguments to Avoid at Answers in Genesis, and Maintaining Creationist Integrity at […]

  • Water Is Wet. Dog Bites Man. Answers in Genesis Maligns Atheists.

    Terry Mortenson has a blah blah blog post, ironically posted under “Thoughts“, and favorably linked to by loser-to-science Ken Ham, that opens thusly: Over the years the American Atheists have been having some serious problems with social behavior at their national convention. So they have developed a code of conduct for the 2014 conference. It […]

  • The Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Debate

    I watched the debate between Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Ken Ham, director of Answers in Genesis, the outfit that runs the creation museum in Kentucky. When I heard that Nye had agreed to the debate, I thought it was a bad idea, for all the usual reasons, and in particular that it would […]

  • Paul Taylor’s Fickle Exactness

    Paul Taylor, who helps Eric Hovind run the family misinformation mill in the absence of his father Kent, accuses people who think Noah’s Ark was just a story of not having done our homework: Question 1: How did they all fit on the boat and who put them in there? Don’t forget that there were […]

  • Flaming Telephone

    (Note to people reading this in a future when they’ve grown up never using a telephone for voice communication with another human: we used to have a game where a message would be distorted by serial whispering, and we found this amusing.) So apparently Thomas Nagel, who’s an honest-to-Cthulhu serious philosopher, published a book last […]

  • Who Needs an Ultimate Source of Authority?

    Over at Creation Today, Paul Hovind (son of Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind) and Eric Taylor have a video entitled What Is Your Ultimate Source of Authority?. The blurb says, Paul and Eric welcome guest Jay Seegert of the Creation Education Center to discuss the importance of world-views, historical science versus observational science, and the importance […]

  • What’s Three Orders of Magnitude Among Friends?

    (Alternate title: “Numbers Mean Things”.) The increasingly-irrelevant Uncommon Descent blag had a post today, commenting on an article in Science News. Right now, UD’s post is entitled “Timing of human use of fire pushed back by 300,000 years”, but when it showed up in my RSS reader, it was “Timing of human use of fire […]

  • Stop Calling Neocreationists Creationists, Dammit!

    Here’s the blurb attached to the latest episode of the Intelligent Design the Future podcast: On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin exposes how evidence given for macroevolution in The Language of Science and Faith is too weak to hold any weight. In their book, Francis Collins and Karl Giberson make the all-too-common […]

  • Court Rules for Teacher Who Criticized Creationism

    The Christian Science Monitor has a story about a teacher in California who criticized creationism in class in 2007: A three-judge panel of the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the lawsuit against an advanced placement history teacher at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo must be thrown out of court […]

  • But ID Isn’t Creationism, Nosirree!

    IDists’ favorite pastime, apart from slagging evolution, appears to be distancing themselves from young-earth creationists, even though the differences are legion: Age of the Earth: YECs: 6,000-10,000 years old. IDs: No comment. Identity of the designer: YECs: Jehovah, god of the Bible. IDs: No comment. Scientific merit of ideas: YECs: Evolution is just as much […]