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  • Paul Ryan Denounces Republican Strategy

    You may have heard that establishment Republicans are almost as terrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency as the rest of us. And since they haven’t been able to stop him so far, they’re getting a bit desperate. So today, Speaker Paul Ryan opened his mouth and said some words: The Republican party does not […]

  • Headlines

    A selection of headlines in my news aggregator this morning: ABC News, AP: FACT CHECK: Ryan Takes Factual Shortcuts in Speech Washington Post: Fact checking the GOP convention’s second night New York Daily News: Fact check: Closer look at words spoken by Paul Ryan, others at Republican National Convention Washington Post: Ryan misleads on GM […]

  • QOTD

    From Frank Rich by way of dKos: Bush-era Republicans have no moral authority to lecture about deficits. The same goes for Reagan-era Republicans, BTW.

  • Why Don’t the Republicans Want My Vote?

    I like Dean’s Fifty-State Strategy. For those who haven’t been following along, the idea is that for years, the Republicans and Democrats have been concentrating their campaign money where they think it’ll do the most good. Thus, for instance, the Democrats would realize that they’re not going to win some rural seat in Georgia, and […]