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  • There Are Days When I Hate XML

    …and days when I really hate XML. In this case, I have an XML document like <?xml version=”1.0″ ?> <foo xmlns=”http://some.org/foo”> <thing id=”first”/> <thing id=”second”/> <thing id=”third”/> </foo> and I want to get things out of it with XPath. But I couldn’t manage to select things exactly, such as the <foo> element at the top. […]

  • Evil Hack of the Day

    MacOS plist XML files are evil; even more so than regular XML. For instance, my iTunes library file consists mostly of entries like: <key>5436</key> <dict> <key>Track ID</key><integer>5436</integer> <key>Name</key><string>Getting Better</string> <key>Artist</key><string>The Beatles</string> <key>Composer</key><string>Paul McCartney/John Lennon</string> <key>Album</key><string>Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band</string> … </dict> You’ll notice that there’s no connection between a key and its value, other […]