Pandas Podcast: Casting Call!

Pandas Podcast: Casting Call!

I’m putting together an audio dramatization of the Dover Panda trial, to be podcasted, and I need actors. If you’re interested in helping, go to the
project page and sign up!

Here’s how it works: pick some parts you’d like to play (preferably more than one in case your first choice isn’t available) and send me the list, along with a demo (because I’d like to know that you know how to record stuff on your computer). Once roles are handed out, you’ll record yourself reading your part in the
and send it to me. I’ll collect all of the recordings and splice them together into something like a radio drama or dramatic reading, and put them on the net.

One thought on “Pandas Podcast: Casting Call!

  1. Heh. Actually, all of the conversation has been going on in private email, and several people have volunteered to play Behe. I’ll update the project page when I get a chance.

    How’d you like to be a lawyer or the judge, though?

  2. Are there any raving lunatic witnesses? If so, I’d love to “do” one of them. I’ll look over the transcript, and send a “demo” of my voice if I find anything worthy of my paranoid talents.

    And…. why does everyone want to be Behe?

  3. Desertphile:
    As I recall, the big villains were Bill Buckingham and Alan Bonsell. I’ve got a Buckingham already; how’d you like to be Bonsell (starting day 18 am).

    Though right now, I could really use a lawyer. How’s your calm and collected voice?

  4. I’ll give it a go. I read the entire transcript as it was coming out, well listened to it….had my AT&T Mike voice read it back to me. Hmmm I’ve got a bit of an Aussie/American accent going on. But it would be good….long production in the end. I’ll sign up when I get home.

  5. No-one seems to have picked ‘Narrator’ yet, and I was thinking of giving it a go – would it be possible for the Narrator to have an English accent? (As I’m from England, funnily enough!)

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