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  • ActivityPub Test

    Ceci n’est pas un article de blog.

  • Grand Reopening

    A while back, I figured my site needed a bit of a facelift. So here it is. I’ve moved my posts from Epsilon Clue to here, and I plan on posting at rather than there. Obviously, any time you move from one site to another like this, there’s the risk that people won’t follow […]

  • Followup on Faithless Electors

    Four months ago, I wondered whether there would be faithless electors in this election. And as it turned out, there were. Nine of them, in fact, of whom six were successful. That seems like a lot: according to Wikipedia, these days there are usually zero or one faithless elector. There were 8 in 1912, and 27 in 1896. […]

  • Thanksgiving Rules

    This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving. Hooray! I’m a grownup! I’m looking forward to it. There are, however, some rules: Smoking: As the saying goes, there is no heaven or hell; just smoking and non-smoking. To that end, there will be two designated smoking areas, one out front and one on the patio out back (but […]

  • I’m Back, Baby!

    For some time, now, I’ve been thinking of moving this blag off of my private server and onto someone else’s network. The straw that finally broke out a pack of Camels was when, a few months ago, someone exploited a vulnerability in WordPress, and posted a couple of spam articles (without, it goes without saying, […]

  • Ramp Closed. Use Next Exit

    (See what I did there? It’s because my site is a fill-in-the-blank on the Information Superhighway. Get it?) The more eagle-eyed among you who visit this site on a regular basis (both of you) may have noticed some changes to the layout and whatnot. Or maybe something just went kerflooie in the RSS feed and […]

  • New Venue

    I’ve been invited to be a contributor at Secular Perspectives, a blog associated with the Washington Area Secular Humanists. My first piece is up now, and begins thus: Have you ever watched a movie where some people are stuck in a broom closet or a train compartment, and wondered “Gee, I wonder how they managed […]

  • 2010 in Review

    Are you tired of all the “Year in Review” columns popping up everywhere yet? No? You want a recap of the 117 brain eructations I’ve posted this year? Okay, fine. Here’s a link to the archives.

  • Possible Outage might be down this weekend (Update, Aug. 14, 2010: Well, it’s Saturday, and the server’s still up. So yay) due to electrical work being done in the building that houses the server. I’m not yet sure whether the server will be affected, but it might be down starting this evening, through Sunday evening. So […]

  • Network Problems Fixed?

    As far as I can tell, FreeBSD 8 tickled something in the driver for my ethernet card, and caused it to behave unreliably. Rather than muck around with half-tested kernel patches or ifconfig settings, I slapped a $30 Whatevertheyhadontheshelf-3000 (read: common chipset that’s been debugged by a lot of people), and as far as I […]