Mammoth Older than Earth

The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, a young-earth creationist outfit, is a mastodon skull to raise money.

As mentioned above, Mt. Blanco is a young-earth creationist organization:

We believe that evolution is an old-fashioned theory not substantiated by facts, and that what the Bible says is more scientifically accurate. Our museum shows that there was a worldwide flood only a few thousand years ago.

They also talk about work they’ve done in collaboration with Don Patton and Carl Baugh.

Oddly enough, Mt. Blanco’s about the auction has nothing to say about the age of the skull. The auction gallery

Distinct also from its European cousin, the Mammut borsoni, the American mastodon lived throughout North America, from Alaska to Central Mexico, in the Pleistocene epoch, and is generally believed to have become extinct about 10,000 years ago.

and CNN writes

Heritage Auction Galleries says the skull is estimated to be 40,000 years old, and projects it will fetch upward of $160,000.

You’d think that a skull three or four times older than the universe would sell for a lot more than $160,000.

Unless, of course, they know that their Biblical dating is horseshit, and were deliberately downplaying the fact that they’re YECs to avoid driving away serious buyers. Does money trump dogma?






2 responses to “Mammoth Older than Earth”

  1. Troublesome Frog Avatar
    Troublesome Frog

    This reminds me of a lot of the complaints about isochron dating. A few of them are really classics (like the clock partially “resetting”) in that when they happen, they make old things look younger. How YECs can make that one of their arguments against a method that shows that the earth is too old for their liking is beyond me.

    “The earth is young. The dating method you’ve used is flawed because it only sets a lower bound on the age of the earth.”

  2. Voice of reason Avatar
    Voice of reason

    Hey TF: One thing I had learnt: You can not argue with YEC’s. Firstly, because you are always in the wrong. Because there is a huge “conspiracy” of scientists whos purpose in life it is to tell us that the earth is far older than it actually is. If you suggest modern physics, they tell you that godless scientists lie to you etc. Quantum physics? No. To them it’s a spurious lie (it is ironic that quantum physics actually supports evidence of a creator) but to these stupid inbreeds any science done in the past 150 years is satanic and anyone propagating it is the devil 🙂