Hovind’s Appeal Denied

Hovind’s Appeal Denied

Kent Hovind’s site gives word that

The Supreme Court has recently denied our petition for a rehearing of Dr. Hovind’s case. They gave no reason.

Personally, I like to think that a clerk got the brief about someone who didn’t bother defending himself at the original trial, yet wants to appeal to the Supreme Court, and assumed it was a joke by one of the interns.

One thought on “Hovind’s Appeal Denied

  1. Usually a lack of comment translates to, “SCotUS sees nothing in the case record to indicate the previous court decisions were incorrect.”

    [Nelson] HA-ha!

  2. Ah. IOW,
    Appellant: Hey, the lower court ruled against me!
    SCOTUS: Yeah, they did, didn’t they?

    I suppose that’s more concise than “Dear Appellant, thank you for your interest in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it does not meet our needs at this time. We wish you luck in your future endeavors.”

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