Breaking: Kent Hovind in Solitary

Breaking: Kent Hovind in Solitary

From Kent Hovind’s outfit, Creation Science Ministry’s Facebook page comes word that Kent is now in solitary:

Creation Science Evangelism Pleas pray for Dr. Hovind. We were just informed that he is solitary confinement. We are not sure why he is there and how long he must stay. He is need of your prayers. Thank you!

No word on how prayer is supposed to help, or what he did this time, though I’m sure we’ll be seeing a selectively-edited account of the events at some point.

(And just to keep the schadenfreude from getting out of control, I should add that solitary confinement is not something I’d wish on anyone.)

Update, 17:17: According to this thread at the JREF forums, this isn’t the first time Hovind has (been said to have been) placed in solitary. And given creationists’ penchant for repeating ancient and out-of-date information, for all I know this latest instance may be referring to something that happened three years ago.

One thought on “Breaking: Kent Hovind in Solitary

  1. I started by wondering what a harmless kook like Hovind could do to get himself put into solitary confinement, but then I remembered his narcissistic personality gives him serious problems when dealing with authority. I would have thought that by now, he’d have figured out that the best way to get through is to obey the rules and keep his head down. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t learned how to keep himself out of trouble by now. He probably ran afoul of the rules early because he was still not used to being caught.

    Being the leader of a weirdo mini-cult probably damages you in interesting ways. Surrounding yourself with gullible people who think you’re a genius can cause you to either believe that you’re a genius or that everybody is gullible. Neither of these is a good thing to believe when dealing with people who are scrutinizing your behavior and can throw your ass in prison.

  2. I have heard of this before, and now have confirmed it! Until June, I used to live with a follower of that kook. He was a kook himself. Writing a blog post about it, too. Hopefully will be done before TAM is over…

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