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Happy Blasphemy Day

There are no gods, unless you redefine the word to be so trivial as to be meaningless. Jesus, if he ever existed, was just a guy; he died two thousand years ago and isn’t coming back. His dad isn’t watching you, nor are his angels.
Mohammed was a merchant who managed to appropriate and adapt some extant texts to conquer a huge tract of land and get himself a pile of gold and booty.
The Dalai Lama doesn’t reincarnate. Nor does anyone else. Nor is there such a thing as karma: you’re just selectively interpreting random occurrences, using a brain that sucks at statistics.
The Redskins, the Cowboys, the Eagles, etc. are just guys paid a ton of money to play games.
Rachel Maddow is smart, but she’s not the last word on anything. Richard Dawkins is good at explaining science, but boy howdy has he said some stupid things.

Happy International Blasphemy Day, y’all.

Update: Fixed typo. Thanks, alert reader Fez!

I’m Back, Baby!


For some time, now, I’ve been thinking of moving this blag off of my private server and onto someone else’s network.

The straw that finally broke out a pack of Camels was when, a few months ago, someone exploited a vulnerability in WordPress, and posted a couple of spam articles (without, it goes without saying, my knowledge or consent).

I eventually got around to moving things over to, as you can see. Don’t worry, all your favorite posts are still there, as are the comments you were hoping would be lost.

So sit down and update your RSS feeds. Please excuse the boxes and dust while I finish unpacking.