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  • “A Life-Changing Experience” (An Atheist Goes to Church)

    A few weeks ago, I got a flier stuck on my door: A MUST-HEAR MESSAGE FROM MR. CLIFFORD BROWN, AN AWESOME MAN OF GOD! Come out to hear the specific instructions given by God in the Garden of Eden. Afterwards, let’s cool off by having an ice cream treat! Bring your tape recorders, laptops, notepads, […]

  • News Items

    VA AG tells universities to be more bigoted The WaPo reports that the attorney general has urged colleges and universities in Virginia to rescind their policies against discrimination against gays. You might think the Post got it wrong. That he’s saying that Virginia has no laws against discrimination against gays; that universities who do have […]

  • BillDo on Sex Ed

    Yesterday, BillDo blew a gasket over the use of the phrase “opposite-sex marriage” in the New York Times. Which is, I suppose, his function in the great circle of life. But then he went on to say: Here’s how it will play out in the classroom: kindergartners will be told that some adults choose same-sex […]

  • Freedom of Religion = Freedom of Bigotry, Apparently

    According to today’s Post: Faith organizations and individuals who view homosexuality as sinful and refuse to provide services to gay people are losing a growing number of legal battles that they say are costing them their religious freedom. The lawsuits have resulted from states and communities that have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. Those […]

  • I See A Pattern

    Remember Conservapædia, the neocon alternative to Wikipedia’s liberal bias? Here’s a snapshot of today’s list of today’s top ten most viewed pages. See if you can notice a pattern. (HT Wonkette.)

  • Churches Dig In, Refuse to Be Dragged Into 20th Century

    Today’s Washington Post has an article about three Christian groups who’ve come out and taken a courageous stand against equality, tolerance, and understanding: The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops, meeting in Baltimore, declared Tuesday that Catholics who minister to gays must firmly adhere to the church’s teaching that same-sex attractions are "disordered." Catholics with "a homosexual […]