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Theocracy in Delaware

The New York Times has an
about the Indian River School District case.

Basically, the area is populated by religious bigots. Their entire argument seems to be “we’re all Christian. We’ve always been Christian. If you don’t like it, you can either convert or leave.”:
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Word O’ the Day

Giving opinions on matters outside of one’s knowledge.

(HT Pinky and the Brain on DVD; checked at the OED.)

Dr. Dino Learns the Joys of Staying at Home

Back when Kent Hovind
was arrested,
the judge :

Hovind argued that he needs his passport to continue his evangelism work. He said “thousands and thousands” are waiting to hear him preach in South Africa next month.

But [Judge Miles] Davis agreed with Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Heldmyer, who argued that “like-minded people” might secret Hovind away if he left the country.

Right on cue, “like-minded people”
asked the judge
to let Hovind leave the country.

Now, alert reader
Corey Schlueter
points out
saying that judge Casey Rodgers denied Hovind’s request to have his passport back.

We can only speculate that he applied the time-honored legal principle of “Mama Rodgers didn’t raise no dummies.”

Kent Hovind Speaks Out

Nearly two weeks after Hovind’s arrest, there’s still nothing about it on, but now Kent has posted
an entry
on his weblog.

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It’s A Fine, Fine Line Between Faith and Gullibility

Dan Manassas, Th.D., writes to the author of All Things Human:

The shameful persecution of Kent Hovind, one of God’s most upright and dedicated ministers, shows that it’s you Darwinist Marxists who really control the U.S. government. The founder of Creation Science Evangelism, he works entirely for God, has no income, no property and no expenses. Despite this, he is able to make continuous bank withdrawals for $9,500 or $9,600 (just below the federal reporting limit). Instead of seeing this as a miracle and a sign of the grace that God has bestowed on his faithful servant, the government has indicted him for tax evasion.


Update, Jul. 25, 2006: If you doubt the authenticity of this message, I can’t blame you. It might be tongue-in-cheek, or it might not. Given that there are no blatant blinking smileys,
Poe’s Law

Headline O’ the Day

Customer Subdues Robber With Applesauce

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Civil Rights Progress

In Alabama,
Ralph Reed lost the Republican primary
for lieutenant governor, mainly because of his association with Jack Abramoff. Meanwhile, Karla Drenner, who is openly gay, won the Democratic nomination.

Suggested headline: “Alabama: Gays less despised than Jack Abramoff.”

The Continuing Adventures of Clueless Kent

Today’s Pensacola News Journal has an
on what’s happening with kent Hovind.

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Kent Hovind Pleads Douchebaggery

The Pensacola News Journal reports that Kent Hovind
was in court

Hovind’s attorney [said] his client did not want to enter a plea because he does not believe the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Attorney’s Office “have jurisdiction in this matter.”

When pressed by Davis to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty, Hovind said he wished to enter a plea of “subornation of false muster.” […]

When pressed by Davis, Hovind said he was entering a not guilty plea “under duress.”

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South Dakota Republicans Are Superstitious Reactionaries

The South Dakota GOP has a
list of resolutions for 2006. It’s just a bunch of non-binding, chest-pounding, talking-point-centric rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb, but Resolution 16 caught my eye:

WHEREAS, education on species origin is a vital aspect in the understanding of nature and the purpose of human life; and,

WHEREAS, evolution is a theory that is taught in public schools as fact and at the exclusion of all other theories; and

WHEREAS, the South Dakota Republican Party believes there are other plausible theories, including creationism;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the South Dakota Republican Party supports efforts to expand beyond evolution the knowledge, scope, and debate in public education on the theories of species origin.

(emphasis added)

I understand that these people are reactionaries who never got over women’s suffrage, but come on! This is the 21st century! Didn’t they get the memo that says they’re supposed to call it “intelligent design” these days?