Dinosaur Adventure Land Closed

Dinosaur Adventure Land Closed

This is old news, but alert reader Fez points out that Kent Hovind’s Backyard Swing-Set Of Delusion, Dinosaur Adventure Land, has closed its doors.

dinosaur adventure land

Our ability to minister as a creation theme park here in Pensacola, Florida has been recently impeded. On Thursday, July 28, 2009, a federal judge gave the United States Government permission to seize ministry property as a substitute for payment of fines (not tax related) imposed upon our founder, Dr. Kent Hovind. While we are trying to raise funds, if we fail to meet the Government’s requirements, we will have to forfeit the property. This would mean a temporary disappearance of Dinosaur Adventure Land. For information on how you can get involved, please visit:

If they’re “trying to raise funds”, why not raid the account in which Hovind kept the money for his $250,000 challenge. Because that money totally exists and everything, because a True Christian™ like Hovind wouldn’t lie, would he?

One thought on “Dinosaur Adventure Land Closed

  1. “why not raid the account in which Hovind kept the money for his $250,000 challenge.”

    Perhaps it’s already been won? It would be very unsporting to ask the winner(s) to give it back.

  2. If you read the fine print in the conditions of the challenge, you’ll see that it requires the candidate to create a new universe in a lab. I’m pretty sure that would’ve made the papers.

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