Picking Up Steam

I love the Internet.

After PZ
this project on Pharyngula, I got replies from several people, from places as far away as Texas and California, and several demos.

I’ve also installed Audacity 1.3. This is, unfortunately, a beta version, but it has an important new feature: the ability to have multiple “clips” per audio track, and slide them around. This makes it much easier to take two voice tracks and splice them together into a coherent dialog.

I still need more voices, though. Lawyers in particular (odd, during the trial I thought Eric Rothschild was a hero), and no one seems to want to be judge Jones (maybe nobody wants to play a liberal activist). There are plenty of short parts, too, if anyone wants them.

Pandas Podcast: Casting Call!

I’m putting together an audio dramatization of the Dover Panda trial, to be podcasted, and I need actors. If you’re interested in helping, go to the
project page and sign up!

Here’s how it works: pick some parts you’d like to play (preferably more than one in case your first choice isn’t available) and send me the list, along with a demo (because I’d like to know that you know how to record stuff on your computer). Once roles are handed out, you’ll record yourself reading your part in the
and send it to me. I’ll collect all of the recordings and splice them together into something like a radio drama or dramatic reading, and put them on the net.

Pirate Mode Code

I don’t know whether anyone noticed, but on Talk Like A Pirate Day, all the text on this site was converted to pirate lingo.

This was done through
that I consed up for the occasion. Feel free to steal download and use it.

First Anniversary

Today marks the first anniversary of this weblog. Yay!

HintWiki Picking Up Steam

It looks as though word is getting out about the
HintWiki. Since last week, two people, complete strangers, have put up pages of hints for
AGON Episode 3: the Pirates of Madagascar and
Trace Memory.

Très cool.

Dreamfall on HintWiki

I’ve added
hints for
(the sequel to
The Longest Journey)
to the

Hintwiki Fixed

I’ve fixed the Hint Wiki so that it works with Internet Explorer.

Turns out that IE before version 7 doesn’t recognize CSS rules of the form
foo > bar.

Also, I’ve cleaned it up a bit, and moved (almost) all of the JavaScript stuff into a separate file, written in such a way that I don’t need to change MediaWiki’s skins to allow additional headers.

Hundredth Post!

This is the hundredth entry in this weblog. Wheee!

First post!

Welcome, del.icio.us Readers!

So I took a glance at the web server log, and found that my old article
How Not to Embarrass Yourself In an Argument With an Atheist somehow managed to make its way to http://del.icio.us/popular/.

So take a load off and stay a while. There’s beer and sodas in the fridge.

Oh, and a lot of people commented that the study I mention at the end of that piece is bogus. I don’t remember which study it was, nor could I find it now if I tried, but I’m not at all surprised that it turned out to be flawed. If it hadn’t, it would’ve been huge news.

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HintWiki launched

I’ve finally installed the
a wiki for adventure game hints (as opposed to walkthroughs, which contain too many spoilers).

Right now, there are only hints for
Rhem 2,
but hopefully that’ll change over time.

So pop over and take a look.